A First-Class Marketing Tool For Student Athletes

Linking High School Athletes To The Collegiate World™

RecruitOurHighSchoolAthletes.com is designed to provide an outstanding venue for  athletes to cost-effectively market their talents to college coaches.
Founded by parents seeking the best place to showcase their own athletes, it is a user-friendly, easy to navigate, search-engine-optimized site.

Why Us?

By interviewing college coaches, athletic directors, parents of scholarship athletes, and high school & club coaches, we have identified the most important factors that college coaches consider when offering scholarships. We present that information for you in a clear, straight-forward, organized manner.

Our research and site development means that coaches can easily locate the information that you want them to see! See a sample of our profiles here!! …

Need Help?

We do more than hosting your profile page. We offer additional services such as:

  • Filming and video creation.
  • Converting videos to an acceptable format.
  • Optimize and edit photographs.
  • Classes on video creation, editing and marketing your athlete.

Contact us
or call 724-759-3552 for more information and to learn about group rates.