Jared Skolnicki

Overview and Contact Information

Sport: – Men’s, Baseball High School: Keystone Oaks HS (Class AAA/AAAA)

Main Sport: Baseball
Main Position: Outfield
Other Positions: LHP
Uniform Number: 13
Graduation Year: 2013
Height: 6′ 2”
Weight: 170 pounds
Age: 17

Registered with NCAA
Eligibility Center?:

Top Accomplishments
  1. Led varsity baseball team in batting average, ERA, wins, on-base percentage as freshman

  2. voted 2011 high school Team MVP

  3. Named Signal Item’s 2010 “Player to Watch”

Contact Info:

109 Evandale Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Primary phone: 412-921-9031
Other phone: 412-735-8679

Coaches & Teams

Coach Email Phone
Keystone Oaks HS: Scott Crimone scrimone@hotmail.com 412-370-4329
Steel City Wildcats: Mark Saghy mark.saghy@crowncastle.com 412-915-0883
Request transcripts via my: High School coach

Athletic Accomplishments


Started varsity basketball and baseball freshman year.
Named Signal Item “Player to Watch”
Winning pitcher of Gold Medal Game at Keystone Games.


Helped lead basketball team to first playoff game in years.

Links to News, etc.
  1. http://www.yourcarlynton.com/news/article/stars-sandlot-sis-2010-baseball-and-softball-all-stars
  2. http://youth1.com/baseball-headlines/allegheny-region-are-baseball-all-stars.html
  3. http://www.maxpreps.com/athletes/zcX7M9pDCEuk0ATm5j3gkw/baseball-spring-10/stats-jared-skolnicki.htm
  4. http://dormont-brookline.patch.com/articles/keystone-oaks-beats-waynesburg-65-59
Other Varsity or Club Sports
Varsity Basketball

Sports Measurements: Running, Jumping, Lifting

Block Touch: 10′ 5”
Approach Touch: 10′ 11”
Standing Reach: 8′ 0”

Academic Achievements


Finished freshman year with 3.93 GPA and 4 honors classes.
Highest Honor Roll


Honors Chemisty “Student of the Month”
Government and Economics “Outstanding Student Award”
2nd place in Regional Stock Market Game (25th in state)

Grade Point Average

GPA of 4 on 4 scale.

Academic Track

Track: Academic/College Prep.

Class Rank

Class rank of Top 10% in class of 180.

Links to News, etc.
  1. http://faithcotterdigitalportfolio.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/keystone-oaks-high-school-wins-pittsburgh-stock-market-competition/
  2. http://dormont-brookline.patch.com/articles/32-keystone-oaks-students-inducted-into-national-honor-society

Extracurricular Activities

Junior Class Treasurer

Other Information & Preferences


Father: Walter Skolnicki, wskolnicki@comcast.net, Ohio University
Mother: Rebecca Skolnicki, raskolnicki@uss.com, University of Pittsburgh
Siblings: Catherine Skolnicki (21) – Georgetown University

Type of College:

Type: Private, four-year, Public or State, four-year

NCAA Division:

NCAA Division I

Region of Country:

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Rockies, West Coast


Big City, Suburbs, Rural or Small College Town